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Facial Filler

Lift, revive, define! A customized blend of hyaluronic acid facial fillers will add volume, sculpt, smooth, and reshape your face—replacing the firmness and structure that may have been lost over time. With a variety of injectable gels, we can improve cheeks, chin and jawline, lips, and smooth unwanted lines and creases.

Consults available by appointment. 

  • Schedule filler appointments at least 4 weeks prior to any special events! Ideal results, bruising, and swelling may be apparent for 2 weeks after treatment.

  • Avoid aspirin for 10 days. Ideally avoid ibuprofen, Motrin, Advil, Aleve, Vitamin E, Ginseng, St. John’s Wort, Omega 3/fish oil, for 5 days prior to the procedure, because these medications will make you more likely to bruise. Please call the office with any medication questions.

  • You can take arnica tabs for 7-10 days prior to your injection appointment although this is not mandatory.

  • Tylenol will not cause bruising and is preferred for the week prior to treatment.

  • Alcohol is also a blood thinner and should be avoided for 24 hours prior to the procedure to minimize bruising.

  • To minimize risk of infection, it is important to avoid dental work, including cleanings, for 2 weeks before and after your filler procedure.

  • Reschedule your appointment if you have a cold sore. Antiviral medicines are recommended if you have a history of cold sores, as lip filler can trigger cold sores.

Dermal Filler Pre-Insructions

Dermal Filler Post-Insructions

  • Avoid significant movement or massage of the treated area unless instructed by provider.

  • Avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours.

  • Avoid extensive sun or heat for 72 hours.

  • Avoid consuming excess amounts of alcohol or salts to avoid excessive swelling.

  • If you have swelling, you may apply a cool compress for 15 minutes each hour.

  • Use Tylenol (acetaminophen) for discomfort.

  • Try to sleep face up and slightly elevated if you experience swelling.

  • Take Arnica (typically found in health food stores) to help the bruising and swelling. Begin taking at least two days prior to injections.

  • Wait a minimum of four weeks before skin care or laser treatments.

Dermal fillers last, on average, 6-18 months. It is recommended at the time of your treatment to schedule your next appointment for optimal anti-aging benefits. The most typical side effects (bruising, swelling, redness) are temporary and will resolve. However, please call the office to notify us if you experience any additional side effects.

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